Episode 5: Deer Zombies and Pants Castles

Episode 5 Recap Song by Jaden:

The internet will tell you there are eagles grabbing babies, and that Bambi's eating humans, Oh my deer.

But what is true kung-fu Steven Seagull is making movies, all while blaring Saturn’s Balls into his ear.

Kurt Russell’s Spirit Boner is for real.


Groot's really not a tree, but Bradly cooper’s a raccoon. Don’t kill the opossum, just smoke weed with it, instead.

The Handmaidens do really weirdey things for rich guys wives, so go drink beer with Drax and Yondu though he’s dead,

It’ll take your pain away, cause science said.


On our way to the UK, in our special super seats, I built a castle in my pants while playing Switch.

And as Zelda stabbed his Frork so deep inside a busy bosom, some nutso chick divorced a guy who’s rich and ate all of his cash that silly bitch.

If you steal another joke, I’ll punch your dick




Episode 4: Meth Monks and Furry Cons

Episode 4: Recap Song by Jaden

Midgets in fires get saved by goats, colorless coffee can suck my scrote,

Furry conventions are not for pets, unless you want some sex.

A prince in Nigeria has some cash, and kids can’t find the Iraq on maps

The bewildered bovine hoard bows to their newfound beaver overlord….and he said…


Zen out with your yen out if you’re a monk on meth in Myanmar,

And go to YouTube if you’re 8 years old and you want to drive a car

Ellen DeGeneres hijacked Carters nugs,

And took her PS4 to a repair store, cause of burned up roachy bugs

And the worst shoes invented were Uggs, and salt is poison to slugs,

And a hunter like’s bear skin rugs, and stay in school kids, don’t do drugs

I enjoy coffee in star wars mugs, a word I just made up is flug, zug, tug, glug, jug, dug, hug…

Episode 3: A Bad Batch of Bat Spi-natch

Episode 3 Recap Song by Jaden


18 million tweets to lick Carters nugs, and escape into the ocean if you’re doing many drugs.

I hope Jeff Goldbloom gets into his apartment, If you’re eating Taco Bell, then you guaranteed sharted. 

Sampson and Thor are not the same guy, and the Clown Union wants to convince you, they don’t want to eat your eyes.


It was a bad batch of bat spi-natch, went down the hatch, a disease you’ll catch

Avoid a punch in the face and fly divided, but Un-Batman’s here to save your salad.

It was a bad batch of bat spi-natch, so save some cash, and grow a private stash.

The Hulk would win a fight against everyone, and if you don’t agree with me, then you're dumb dumb dumb!



Episode 2: Limp Brisket and Hot Dog Water Martinis

Episode 2 Recap Song by Jaden


"Curious George had his tail cut off in an very sad ice cream accident.

And Danny Tray-Who with his face made of clay, rode Falcore, while listening to Limp Brisket's new hit single.

Sharks falling from the sky, is this even real life?

Tell me a Danny DeVito movie, or I'll stab you with a knife!


If you're looking for tasty chocolate dairy dessert, Go to Wendy's, they have them, and eat burritos like gogurt!

Freddy Mercury could have my babies, if he only wasn't dead

I'll pay somebody to preserve his skin, to wear upon my head

To be a verbal master, a scrabble champion, use words like dad-bod, hangry, friendaversary, struggle bus, and bitch face!"

Episode 1: Rat Bits and Feces Pieces

Articles from this episode:  Human poop found in cans of coke, reality TV contestants left in the wilderness after their show was canceled, and spiders might eat us all.


Recap Song of the Week by Jaden


"Hodor is the true king of Westeros,

There are rat bits in your soda says science test results.

What if Belle was an emo kid, in Broody and the Beast?

And spiders band together for a tasty human treat.


They found Feces Pieces in your can of coke,

And that new Stephen King movie looks totally dope,

Spiders, clowns, and the wilderness, Nope, Nope, Nope

And if you don’t like the earth then head to mars….which is actually Arizona."